Students have endless questions about money, especially as the way we use money on a daily basis continues to change. With this free resource hub from Investopedia, you can break down the jargon and teach financial literacy to the next generation.
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Lesson Plans for Elementary School Educators

Investopedia is committed to extending our reach and resources to schools and underserved communities that have traditionally been left out of the conversation. That’s why we’ve created free content and materials to support today’s investing environment, found here in the Financial Literacy Resource Center and our new newsletter, The Classroom Investor.

In the table below, you’ll find downloadable lesson plans filled with guidance and worksheets that can be used to supplement classroom or at-home learning for children in grades K-5. There are eight lessons per grade, and each lesson plan builds on the preceding one. The subject matter also gets more detailed as students get older. (Simply right-click on each lesson to be taken to a new tab, and then you can download the content from there.)

Keep scrolling, and you'll find teen-focused content, too. While this is only the beginning, these resources will help anyone become an engaged and educated participant in the ever-evolving financial markets. 

  Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade

The content within the lesson plans above was crafted using guidance from educators within public schools and nonprofits in the U.S., and Kara Cordell of Oklahoma City Public Schools served as an invaluable resource in content creation. The Investopedia team piloted the content at Timber Lakes Elementary School in Orlando, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is financial literacy?
    Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various skills and concepts, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing. A strong foundation of financial literacy—especially one that starts at an early age—can help support various life goals, such as saving for education or retirement, using debt responsibly, and running a business.
  • What is the Financial Literacy Resource Center?
    This section of Investopedia is a free, digital library for educators, teachers, and parents looking for materials to help them teach the next generation of investors. Linked in the table on this page are downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, and guidance that can be used to supplement classroom or at-home learning for children in grades K-5. Investopedia has also curated a collection of articles to help set teens (grades 9-12) up for success as they start working and/or pursue higher education.
  • What topics are covered in this resource center?

    The K-5 lessons plans available to download from this library cover the fundamentals of personal finance and investing, as appropriate for each age level. These lesson plans have been reviewed by licensed educators, and used by Timberlakes Elementary School in Orlando, Florida. The articles in this library for parents and teachers of teens (grades 9-12) focus primarily on building and using credit, investing, digital money management (e.g. using Venmo or Apple Pay), and real-world applications of personal finance topics.

  • Will there be more financial literacy topics covered in the future?
    Yes! Investopedia is committed to making financial literacy accessible for everyone. As more lesson plans and articles become available, we will update this resource page. Follow us on social media , and bookmark this webpage to stay looped into the latest.
  • Where else can I find financial education resources?

    In addition to our content library, the Investopedia Stock Simulator is an instructional tool for students (or yourself) to practice trading and investing in stocks in a safe, simulated environment. We also have a monthly newsletter for educators, “The Classroom Investor,” to give context to financial news, new product developments, and share additional free teaching resources.

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